Must Have Gear for Divers

Whether you are going diving for the very first time or you are a pro, you must have the right gear. Unlike other sports, diving is a bit more serious and safety must be prioritized. It is known to improve resting heart rate. If you’re not careful things can get out of hand down there. The right gear will not only keep you safe but will make your experience enjoyable and stress-free. The following are 9 essential diving gear.


  1.  A Gear Bag

It will be inconvenient if you have all the right gear and nowhere to put them. A bag is essential for every diver. It can help you carry and protect your gear from getting lost. It should be able to withstand salt water and the sun. It shouldn’t be that big, but of average size that can easily fit all your gear.


  1.  Diving Lights


It can get really dark down there especially at night. A good flashlight can help you see your surroundings clearly. Plus, it guarantees your safety. You will be able to identify any danger from a distance.


  1.  A Compass


Getting lost when diving can be a terrifying experience. Imagine surfacing only to find yourself in the middle of nowhere. But, with a compass. You will exactly know where the boat is. Leave other divers always wondering how come you never get lost. Depending on your navigational skills, you can get an old-fashioned or digital compass.


  1.  A GPS Rescue Device


The only way to enjoy diving is when you have nothing to worry about. One of the major things, especially new divers is getting lost. Having a GPS rescue device kills all those worries. Once you activate the device, it transmits your current location to the boats near you. You should get one that can be taken for more than 300 feet.


  1.  An Underwater Camera


We are only able to commemorate our best experiences in life by taking photographs. Having an underwater camera will make your diving experience fantastic. You can take pics of the beautiful marine life, shipwrecks or anything that you will come across. And you can share these pictures with friends or family. With an underwater camera, you don’t have to go extra lengths in looking for waterproof housings or filters.


  1.  Suit Hangers with Integrated Heaters


The good thing about suit hangers with integrated heaters is that it dries your suit in no time. You can, therefore, go for as many dives as possible. You won’t have to worry about putting on a wet and cold suit anymore.


  1.  A High-Quality Moldable Mouthpiece


Comfort is important when diving. There is nothing that is irritating like always getting your regulator to sit properly in your mouth. By the end of the dive, you get achy jaws and sore lips. A good moldable mouthpiece can solve this problem once and for all. It’s easily attachable to your regulator and stays firmly in your mouth. You can, therefore, divert all your attention to diving.


  1.  A Good Set Of Fins


Mobility is very important in diving. Having the wrong type of fins can make movement very difficult for you. There are different types of fins such as the vented fins, freediving fins, open heel fins amongst others. Depending on your preference and budget, you should get the fins that work best for you.


  1.  Finally, A Good Mask


A mask helps the diver see clearly while diving and protects the eyes. There are different types on the markets such as single, multiple and tempered glass lenses. Before buying a mask, make sure it fits properly on your face. It’s advisable for free divers to get a lower volume mask because it’s comfier.


Your diving experience highly depends on the type of gear you have. They are all important and help guarantee your safety.